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Joining Forces For Your Success

Business leaders expect more from their marketing teams these days. In a challenging environment, sales targets must be supported, customer relationships must be carefully maintained. Marketing technology opens up new perspectives, yet they create additional complexities. 
How should I prioritize? Where should I invest? How do I develop, educate and retain my team? How do I create a plan and remain agile to address changing requirements? Who supports me in building and executing my strategy?  Let’s work on it together.

Inspiration and Fun

It started as a pastime during Covid19 lockdowns, has become a challenge and now a novel: the story of the planet «Blue Allium», its settlers, intelligences, and the «Kolonialorganization» (KOOG). 
Jan Gladzie’s Discover The Future: A Planet Far Removed is available as an English eBook and a German eBook and Paperback on Amazon . Follow @entdecke_die_zukunft on Instagram or @discover.the.future on Facebook for news and stories around the book. Please engage and leave 5-star ratings on Amazon.  GrinsenThank you very much in advance!

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