Discover The Future

A Planet Far Removed

A science-fiction novel by Jan Gladzie

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About the book:

Follow the exoplanetary travel report of a small, diverse society transporting themselves on a new journey.

Life is good on planet Blue-Allium – well, maybe even a bit uneventful. Far from the rest of civilization, the settlement and its intelligences no longer face the struggle for survival. While most settlers go with the flow, some start questioning their purpose and want to break out. Losing contact with their world of origin forces them to stand together and tackle the unknown: What does a future look like in which they are on their own? What secrets does their planet hide? What’s the true agenda of the colonialization company’s executives? Why not just be satisfied with how things are and enjoy the pleasant sides of life?
The diverse group of settlers face exciting and telling challenges in their hopes of improving on the status quo.
Watch out for the wisdom and shortcomings of their intelligence partners, and while their society is respectful and tolerant, the darker side of human nature may get in their way.

Chapter 6: Natureforce Production Colony

Leon stood on the ramp above the group of spectators. He felt great. Almost the entire workforce had appeared; even the sun graced them with its presence. It was a special day, a day to christen the first space boat built on this planet. They didn't really do anything like that anymore, but this particular occasion allowed for a revival of historical traditions. Leon cleared his throat. Those present interrupted their conversations and turned to him. Only the sound of the waterfalls in the distance could be heard.

"My friends! We should be proud of what we have achieved here. It was a challenging project to build the entire supply chain to produce interstellar space transporters on this planet: raw material extraction, energy source development, and production facilities. This is the first ship of a large fleet that we will build for the Kolonialorganization. With our work, we are making a significant contribution for the benefit of the populated worlds."

He paused and enjoyed the moment.

"We baptize you with the name Natureforce Vessel One.” With this, he hurled the bottle of formator sparkling wine against the outer shell of the space freighter ...

... and jumped from his sleep. Outside, a terrible storm was going on and the rain was hitting the wall of his container. He yawned and rubbed his eyes — what a memory of the good old days. For many years, everything had gone smoothly. Now the factories were at a standstill. Fortunately, the raw material extraction robots and the formators that supplied food and other everyday products worked well, as he always took care of them carefully. He could have heard the devices humming if the storm did not drown them out, because his container was right next door. And now, his stomach growled as if it wanted to tune into the background noise.

"Time for lunch," he grumbled. “And I have nothing left to eat at home. As soon as the storm is over, I will build a connecting hose to the formator house." He didn't want to go outside. The store was not far, but he was not up to a sports challenge in this gruesome weather. Yet his stomach told him that the storm was about to pass. "OK, the weather looks much better. Let's get some supplies!"

He put on his overalls and climbed outside through the lock. The wind almost blew him away. Bend forward, one step forward, then another ... and he made it to the formator house in less than a minute. Despite his limited programming skills, he had managed to make a few variations of cold and hot foods; enough variety and sufficient intake of fats, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, and what else he needed to survive—for example, his legendary Negroni recipe. Unfortunately, no one was there to toast and communal drink. Leon had been alone for more than half a year.